A New Site for Reviews

FanLit LogoAs of two days ago, I am officially a staff reviewer at Fantasy Literature, a fantasy and science fiction review site with some really excellent contributors and a huge database of older reviews.  For The Other Side of the Rain, this means two things.  First, many of my reviews will now be posted first at Fantasy Literature.  Second, I’ll be migrating (with some trepidation) towards newer releases and upcoming books.  This will probably break my current gushing-over-old-favorites streak.



  1. Ok… two things. First, congrats. That’s effing great! Second, I hate to say I told you so (which is a huge lie, I love saying that) but I’m pretty sure I said today that something like this would happen.

    1. Ha. I should clarify–it’s a strictly volunteer situation. But it does get me a lot of new fantasy books for free. When we switch over to the fantasy book economy, I’ll be set.

  2. Sweet holy bees, congratulations! I love your reviews and I look forward to your take on the new releases. (Even though I’ve broken my book buying budget for the year and must abstain until January. I’m thinking of taking up smoking for the remaining 2 months.)

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