Reviews Elsewhere

For those interested, I’ve started writing occasional reviews for Strange Horizons, the online speculative fiction magazine which has been nominated for every award I can think of. They publish excellent short fiction (I’d especially recommend Sofia Samatar’s Selkie Stories are for Losers), and they also publish reviews and articles. Both of which they pay real dollars for, because they are kind and benevolent gods.

This week, my review of Anne Charnock’s A Calculated Life is up, along with these Very Important People’s ideas about critical reading across ethnic lines, Or, how to review fiction from places other than the UK and the US without making an ignorant, Eurocentric ass of yourself. It’s some very good stuff.

I also reviewed Jeff Vandermeer’s Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction a month or so ago, for those who are pining for more reviews (read: literally nobody. Who seriously pines for reviews?).


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