Short and Sweet

February 17, 2015

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Winter has come to Kentucky. And before you northerners chuckle to yourselves and say “those poor bastards wouldn’t know winter if it danced naked in a snowdrift with christmas ornaments in its hair,” let me tell you: it’s our biggest snowfall in 17 years and it’s not getting above freezing until Saturday. It counts. So, the first story this week is fittingly titled, “In Winter.” (more…)


February 7, 2015

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And lo, there were more short story reviews a week later! Are you impressed with me? I’m impressed with me. The theme this week (note: there is no theme) is surprisingly dark tales of violence, loss, and acceptance. (more…)

January 31, 2015

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Welcome to the first edition of the doubtless-irregular and potentially short-lived Short and Sweet, featuring unformed thoughts on speculative short fiction I’ve read and liked in the last week. I have two goals, here: First, to sort of participate in the digital curation of great short fiction.[1] Second, to take note of useful “lessons” buried in these stories, for myself and folks like me, who aspire to write more, better, and more bravely. (more…)