Man Booker Prize

A Tale for the Time Being

tale for the time being 1Continuing my mission to read more recent “literary” fiction—that suspiciously nebulous genre, united only by the absence of spaceships and wizards, as far as I can tell—I recently read Ruth Ozeki’s Booker Prize-nominated A Tale for the Time Being. My feelings for this book are split very precisely down the middle. You know that creepy character in A Nightmare Before Christmas who spins his face from happy to sad? Yeah. That’s what reading this book was like. (more…)


I Am Completely Beside Myself: Thoughts on Genre, Writing, and Karen Joy Fowler

fowlerThis isn’t a review, because good reviewers don’t pause at the 67% mark on their Kindle and start typing. This is more a series of midpoint musings on Karen Joy Fowler’s Pen/Faulkner-winning and Man Booker-nominated We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, and what it’s like to wander outside speculative fiction and fall wholeheartedly in love with another kind of book. (more…)