short story review

February 7, 2015

Short and Sweet Banner copy

And lo, there were more short story reviews a week later! Are you impressed with me? I’m impressed with me. The theme this week (note: there is no theme) is surprisingly dark tales of violence, loss, and acceptance. (more…)


The Lady Astronaut of Mars

lady astronautI used to hate short stories.

This is the kind of all-encompassing, generalized sentiment that True Readers would never express, but I want you to understand how unqualified I am to review a short story. In middle school I read them only when cornered—when a favorite author was involved, or when I was on vacation and had nothing left but a Bradbury collection. They all left me cold, or confused, or frustrated, like a kid peering through a frosted window onto a scene she doesn’t understand. How could I care about these people? I just met them. Or worse, now I care about these people and it’s over. (more…)